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Information of Company


The Company INVELCO S.A., with N.I.F. number A/78022886 was stablished on the 13th of March 1985 with an initial capital of 480.000 euros completely disbursed.

Currently, the company's social headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Ronda de Poniente 15, in Tres Cantos (Madrid).

The second article of the Social Statutes establishes:


"ARTICLE 2 - OBJECT: Investigation and Develpoment (I+D), design, integration, manufacture, installation, technical aid, reparation, maintenance, renting and selling of electronic, electrical, telecommunications, air and maritime navigation equipment and computing; as well as maintenance and repairing of the electrical, electronic, computing and telecommunications installations. Investigation and Development (I+D), selling, renting, maintenance, technical aid, repairing, modification, adaptation, integration and installation of computer programs and all kind of software for communication equipment"

INVELCO S.A. is inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid no. 1, tome 528 general, 515 of the section 3 of the book of partnerships, folio 110, sheet no 63371-1, inscription 1.

INVELCO S.A. is inscribed in the Registry of Industry with the number 28/73528 completing this inscription with an enlargement carried out on the 29th of October 1985.


It is inscribed in the Special Registry of Telecommunications and Computer science Industries of the Autonomous of Madrid n� 59.


INVELCO S.A. is registered as a trade-mark with its anagram included in the Registry of Industrial Property.

INVELCO S.A. has been declared an industry of Preferential Interest on the 26th of December 1985, according to the Royal Decree 162/1963 of thel 23rd of January.

INVELCO S.A. is inscribed in the Registry of National Producers since the 27th of December 1985 with no. 1784.

INVELCO S.A. has the 73441B number assigned to it as its manufacturer's code by the General Directorate of Normalisation and Cataloging of the DEGAM in order to take contracts with the Ministry of Defense.

INVELCO S.A. is inscribed in the Registry of Firms of the DEGAM of the Ministry of Defense with the number 9071.


INVELCO S.A. make all the work, under the standards of quality ISO 9001.


INVELCO S.A. has the following classifications:

  • V-03-D (Maintenance and Repairing).

  • V-02-D (Development and Maintenance of the computer programs).

INVELCO S.A. has designed:

  • Communications Networks HF.

  • Mobile Maritime Services.

  • Maritime Distress Networks.

  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems.

INVELCO S.A. develops equipments and systems, as for example:

  • Radio HF Remote Controlled Equipment.

  • VHF Remote Controlled Equipment.

  • Radio Systems for Distress and Safety.

  • G.M.D.S.S. Systems.

  • Data Transfer Equipment.

  • Antenna Syntony Unit

  • Antennas and Transmission Fields.

  • Data Correctors.

  • Maintenance of equipment and systems.

  • Communications accesories.


INVELCO S.A. is one of the Spanish companies with most succesful projects on I+D.


Practically all its products have previously passed through an I+D project.


The I+D projects have been developed with entities such as:

  • Industry Ministery (Ministerio de Industria).

  • CDTI


  • Defense Ministery (Ministerio de Defensa).