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VHF System VHF System

The INVELCO S.A. VHF communications system is based in a Server/Client line that allows the maximum reliability, flexibility and scalability.

The VHF Communications system infrastructure is based in the use of independent units, with intercommunication efficiency between them for a low consumption broadband. Its aim is to guarantee the functionality of the service in VHF radio-maritime communications.

The transceiver is able to operate in voice and data communications (D.S.C.).

The equipment is brought up as a separate transmitter and receiver. Therefore, it can operate in simplex, duplex and semi duplex.

It can operate with one or two antennas. In case of operating in duplex with a single antenna, it needs an external Diplexer.

It gives a maximum power of 50 watts with no limitations in the transmission time. There are versions that operate with powers of 100 watts.

It has several output powers as well as several squelch levels.

As an option, you can configure it with different power supplies that allow it to operate in alternate or continuous currents.

It is built in a 19 inches Rack.

The equipment can be operated locally or remotely.


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