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Telecommunications Systems INVELCO S.A., is dedicated to the design, production, installation and maintenance of the control systems, radio electronic communication equipments, communications systems and maritime navigation.

INVELCO S.A., develops communications systems and equipment for maritime and terrestrial communications such as:

  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Navtex System
  • VHF Communications System
  • MF-HF Communications System
  • Coastal Stations
  • Communications adapter to automatize HF networks.
  • New generator of Global Maritime Distress and Safety transceivers, intelligent and integrated in HF
  • Adaptive suppressor of noise and interface with DSP techniques
  • Digital integrated telephones
  • High velocity data modem

INVELCO S.A., develops its communication equipments and systems according to the latest technologies, SDR (Software Defined Radio), VoIP and remote control by RS232 or Ethernet. In parallel, we develop the software needed for control, maintenance and management of all its equipments and systems, as well as to treat all information generated. Our software is for three different operation areas.

  • Software Control Equipment
  • Communication Software
  • Management Software

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

GMDSS System The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (G.M.D.S.S.) means important technological progress in radiocommunications in order to achieve an effective, fast and viable system to handle maritime distress and safety communications.

INVELCO, S.A., is the design leader of communications equipment addressed to (G.M.D.S.S.). It is manufacturer of all the equipment that usually set a system of these characteristics.

INVELCO, S.A., has designed, installed and started all the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System operating in Spain for the Merchant Marine Administration. Continue reading GMDSS System

Navtex System

Navtex System Integrated System of transmission and management of Navtex broadcasts.

The Navtex system is defined, by the IMO standard, as a system for the automatic broadcast and reception of information on maritime security by means of direct telegraphy printing of the narrow band.

The Navtex Transmission System is based in a Server/Client architecture that allows the maximum reliability, flexibility and scalability by using independent units. It has an efficient intercommunication between the units for a limited consumption of broad band in order to guarantee the operation of the Navtex transmission system regardless the communication availability between the units and centers. Continue reading Navtex System

MF-HF Communications System

MF-HF System Transmission and reception integrated system.

Invelco S.A. has all the necessary for developing a complete communication's system of MF-HF.

The MF-HF communications system can vary. Transceivers can be located in a single location. You can find separated receiver's and transmitter's systems diversified and apart from each other.

Invelco S.A. offers all the necessary equipment to complete any possible arquitecture. This equipment offers an extraordinary versatility, so they are suitable to operate in any environment and in nearly any place. Continue reading MF-HF Communications System

VHF Communications System

VHF System The INVELCO S.A. VHF communications system is based in a Server/Client line that allows the maximum reliability, flexibility and scalability

The VHF Communications system infrastructure is based in the use of independent units, with intercommunication efficiency between them for a low consumption broadband. Its aim is to guarantee the functionality of the service in VHF radio-maritime communications.

The VHF Transceiver is designed as communications equipment in the VHF band destined to the maritime service. The transceiver is able to operate in voice and data communications (D.S.C.). Continue reading VHF Communications Systems


INVELCO, S.A. is a member of the following associations.

IALA (International Association Of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities)
CIRM (Comité International Radio-Maritime)
ITU (International Telecommunication Union)